“Melanie is a wonderful trainer. She created a very varied and fun programme for me which meant I never got bored. She packs so much into each session. I left each session feeling stronger, fitter, more confident and really energised.”
— Helen

“My original goal when I first started working with Mel was to tone up and strengthen some pretty weak back and neck muscles that were causing me some problems. Within our first hour Mel showed me how much more I could gain from a personalised fitness strategy. She taught me how to exercise effectively, bringing variety into my “hour in the gym”, using different equipment and techniques so I wasn’t continually focussing on the same muscles day after day. Her knowledge was immense and I found it so useful to know “why” as well as “how” and this kept me so much more dedicated to exercising properly and effectively, which in turn led to me hitting my goals. Her continuous encouragement really kept me going and within 3 months I had hit my weight loss goal, hadn’t had a twinge in my neck for weeks, and had resolved never to return to my old lazy ways! I highly recommend Mel – she personalises the training specifically for you and your goals, her dedication and encouragement pushes you onwards, and she’s just as pleased when you hit a new level as you are yourself!”
— Kate

“I had been exercising regularly in the gym for a year before I started working with Mel. I was doing only various classes since I didn’t know how to do the right workout on my own. I have to emphasize that I hated running on the treadmill. Thanks to Melanie I realized the advantages of Personal training. She was listening to my problems and needs very carefully, and one of the magical results was that I started to enjoy (!) running and improved at it very quickly. I learnt how to exercise to maximise my workout, what mistakes I should be aware of to avoid any injuries, what kind of warm up to do at the beginning, and how to finish exercise with correct stretching so as not to harm my body. And Mel is the nicest company you can have while working hard! I highly recommend Mel to everybody.”
— Andrea

“Melanie is a fantastic personal trainer, her expertise and support really helped me learn about the exercises and methods of training that helped me strive and hit my goals. The personal training sessions were always very well organised, challenging yet easy to follow and replicate. Melanie’s calm, supportive and encouraging approach always put me at ease. I would not hesitate to recommend Melanie because it was fun working out under her guidance and I learnt so much!”
— Emma

“I had been going to the gym on and off for the past 5 years without great success. I spent most of my time walking the gym floor using machines as I came across them. I didn’t understand the value of personal training until I took a session with Mel. Her sessions are hard work and fun! I have already seen more results in a month than in all the previous years on my own. If you are like me and want to get in and out of the gym fast and see results, I highly recommend working with Mel!”
— Chris

“I started training with Mel as I find the gym really boring and needed to lift my fitness for netball (and if I’m honest just in general). A few sessions and I had some enthusiasm back for the gym; normally if I make it there, I feel I’m counting the minutes but Mel gave me some ideas to make it more interesting and even, dare I say it, rewarding! The personal training sessions were fun and a good workout without me being completely broken, and it was totally tailored to what I wanted to achieve, not a standardised program. I highly recommend Mel, she’s really nice, enthusiastic and positive.”
— Elaine

“I asked Melanie for help as a personal trainer as I was becoming bored with my gym routine. Melanie first discussed my training needs and suggested ways to improve my general fitness level. We arranged a series of regular personal training sessions at the local gym and over the weeks she suggested a series of challenging exercises and designed a personal training programme specifically for me. This has helped me with my motivation in achieving my personal goals. She has a very professional approach, is always on time and makes training and exercise fun. So if you are stuck in a training rut I would recommend Melanie.”
— John

“I ordered a bespoke suit a little more than a month ago. My tailor came and took all of my measurements (twice), and sent them off for the suit to be made. 4 1/2 weeks later, the suit is ready and I try it on at my tailor’s. Wouldn’t you know, the thing doesn’t fit! He remeasures, and shows me the comparison — I’ve lost 1.5 inches off my waist, and added almost a full inch around my chest (and about a 1/2 inch in my biceps) in under 5 weeks! Your workouts truly are making a huge difference. Signing up for your online training was the best decision I’ve made this year!”
— Joe