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Postnatal Fitness
SPRING/SUMMER 2019, 6-week series

This class will combine appropriate strength, cardio and core training specifically tailored to the needs of the postpartum body, which include building strength and fitness to cope with the physical demands of caring for your baby; breathing, proper pelvic floor engagement, and safe core exercises for core healing and strengthening; as well as safe stretching/flexibility techniques to relieve muscle tightness and discomfort. No prior exercise experience is required; suitable for all fitness levels.

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Get fit and physically ready for baby, and be your best self post-baby, with these two complete workout series! With so many changes happening during pregnancy and postpartum, your body needs careful strengthening of key muscle groups to cope with the demands of pregnancy and childbirth, while aiding recovery and healing postpartum. With a particular focus on building, maintaining and regaining a strong core, and some cardio activities thrown in to the mix, you will get fitter and stronger while having fun!

Les mills BODYPUMP™ & indoor Cycling

Get fit and strong with two of my favorite workouts: Les Mills BODYPUMP™, and Indoor Cycling! 
BODYPUMP™ is a barbell workout for anyone looking to get lean, toned and fit – fast. It is suitable for all fitness levels and age groups. Indoor Cycling gives you one of the best cardio workouts: It's joint-friendly as there is no impact, and you can tailor the intensity to your exact fitness level, pushing you just enough but not too much. Try one of these awesome classes with me FOR FREE at a gym near you!



Making and birthing a new human is hard work for the female body. It's work it's perfectly designed to do, but it's still work! And it doesn't end at birth. Taking care of a newborn is more physically demanding than one might think, and it starts right at a time when the body is in need of rest and healing. Research has shown that physical fitness during pregnancy can be a tremendous help to alleviate some of the aches and pains that come with pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period, and the right fitness program will prepare you for the demands of childbirth and being a mom.


Fit For Life

Fitness is not just for those who are already fit. Or those who are young. Or those who are slim. Fitness is simply a habit of moving your body in a way that makes it stronger, gives it more stamina, and a tremendous wealth of health benefits. Being fit and engaging in physical activity literally slows down the aging process, both physically and mentally! The best way to do that is to keep moving every day, in ways that give you joy. And for added benefits, incorporate resistance training and some form of cardio into your weekly routine. Some like to do this on their own, some like to do it with others. I can guide you by designing a workout program that you can do on your own; I can be there with you, one on one, in person or virtually, if you prefer that personal support; or you can purchase one of my pre-designed workout programs that give you
ll my expertise to help you reach your goals on your own.



Fitness can be fun! But don't just take it from me. Read some of my clients' and class participants' comments about what it's like to work with me!



My work is dedicated to helping people enjoy their bodies more, to find strength and happiness through movement that will carry over into their everyday lives. So please, get in touch, if it's just to say "hi", or with certain questions about anything fitness or wellness related, or if you're interested in any of my services but not quite sure about something. Best ways to connect with me are via phone or email!



Whenever I feel strongly about a fitness related issue, I blog about it. Topics I feel particularly passionate about are (you guessed it) women's fitness, pre/postnatal fitness, stereotyping and body image in the fitness industry and in general, misinformation and the latest "fads". Click below to read the latest blog posts, and scroll down further to subscribe to receive more updates!