Get Ready For Baby

The complete pregnancy workout plan,
10 workouts for each trimester (=30 total), $150

This series will provide you with all the workouts you will need during your pregnancy! It includes 10 workouts for each trimester (i.e. 30 workouts in total) that will strengthen your whole body, with a focus on the muscles in your back, legs and core to help you feel great through your pregnancy, and prepare you for birth and the care of your newborn. Parts of these workouts can be done at home, but many exercises do require access to standard gym equipment such as free weights or kettlebells of various sizes, a cable machine, resistance bands, and/or medicine balls.



Restore Your Core 

Video course, 60 minutes $65

Learn how to assess the condition of your post-baby core and pelvic floor muscles, and how to safely and effectively help them heal and regain strength and definition post-baby. No equipment required.

The Strong Mama Plan 

15 quick workouts, $60

As a mom, I know that there is never enough time to work out with little ones in the house, so this series contains shorter workouts than the Get Ready For Baby series. You can squeeze these workouts in whenever it suits you best and you can spare a few minutes to yourself (think baby's nap time!). These short workouts (15-25 minutes) will give you exercises that are specifically tailored to the needs of the postpartum (up to 12 months) body. You will safely and effectively strengthen your back, glutes, and core, and most importantly, also help you relieve muscle aches and pains that come from the repetitive strain of caring for your baby. These workouts can be done from home, with minimal equipment (resistance bands, some form of free weight i.e. dumbbells/kettlebells/medicine balls - whichever you have).


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