Prenatal Fitness Classes

coming soon!

Get fit and physically ready for baby with this new class! With so many changes happening during pregnancy, your body needs careful strengthening of key muscle groups to cope with the demands of pregnancy and childbirth. With some cardio activities thrown in to the mix, you will get fitter and stronger while having fun.


Postnatal Fitness Classes

SPRING/SUMMER 2019, 6-week series

This class will combine appropriate strength, cardio and core training specifically tailored to the needs of the postpartum body, which include building strength and fitness to cope with the physical demands of caring for your baby; breathing, proper pelvic floor engagement, and safe core exercises for core healing and strengthening; as well as safe stretching/flexibility techniques to relieve muscle tightness and discomfort. No prior exercise experience is required; suitable for all fitness levels.




For reservations or information:

To sign up for a class series, follow the link beneath the class description. If you have any questions at all, please contact me on the link below!