Get Fit Without Running

12-week program $175 (E-book)

This 10-week workout program is for those who cannot (or dislike) running, but want to get fit fast! The program starts out with an initial self-assessment, so you know where you are starting from, and includes detailed workouts for each week (4-5 per week). Full-body cardio and strength exercises are combined to create heart-pumping workouts that will challenge and energize you! Also included are nutrition tips on how to fuel your body before and after workouts. While the focus of this program is not weight loss, you may find yourself losing a few pounds in the process, as your metabolism gets a kick out of all that movement!
Suitable for all fitness levels. Minimal equipment required (resistance tubing or suspension trainer; a medicine ball, dumbbell or kettlebell).



Life-enhancing Fitness

12-week program $175

This 12-week workout program is designed to enhance physical function in later life, build and retain muscle and bone strength, improve balance and stability, and cardiovascular fitness! The joint-friendly exercises can all be done from the comfort of your home, with minimal equipment (resistance tubing, small dumbbells). To make it more fun, why not gather a couple of friends and do it together?


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